Cherrypick Games, located in Warsaw, was founded by a team of gaming business veterans with a wealth of experience developing and selling games on all the leading platforms. The team combines a passion for gaming with a common vision of creating top-quality products, which allows us to realize our goal of producing the best Free2Play games possible.

The studio’s biggest production, My Hospital, took world markets by storm, attracting 3.3 million users since its release day in January 2017, 75% of which are women. The game is especially popular in the American, British, and German markets. Alongside a large-scale marketing campaign, My Hospital is set to be released on Asian markets as well.

The studio’s very first title, Touchdown Hero, has already had over 3.3 million downloads and become very popular with users. Other well-known productions by Cherrypick Games include Auctioneer with 1.8 million downloads within the first week and Must Deliver, downloaded 1.6 million times. Since the founding of the studio in 2014, we have published 11 titles for mobile platforms and there are much more on the way. In total, Cherrypick Games’ titles have been downloaded over 10 million times and this is only the beginning!